Wellcare Food service Container

Plastic Microwaveable Take-Out Containers

Biodegradable & Compostable Sugarcane Take-Out Container

Clamshells Hinged Container               
HC66   Size 6"x6"x3"  400pcs/case     
   Size 9"x6"x3"  200pcs/case               
HC88   Size 8"x8"x3"  200pcs/case             
HC99   Size 9"x9"x3"  200pcs/case             
HC88-3C  Size 8"x8"x3"  3-compartment 200pcs/case    HC99-3C  Size 9"x9"x3"  3-compartment    200pcs/case

Biodegradable & Compostable Polypropylene Hinged Lid Containers 

Made with up to 40% natural mineral content – Reducing the amount of total plastic being used to manufacture each container, thus supporting your sustainability goals
Non-absorbent, cut resistant surface – Resistant to sauces and liquids soaking through the container

Versatile – Ideal for a variety of food applications - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts
Microwavable – Allows for foods to be reheated in a microwave

Sugarcane hinged lid containers have excellent rigidity and soak-through resistance that will stand up to the rigor of heavy and saucy foods. The lock tab design ensures easy, secure closure in one motion for operator ease.

Sustainable Features:
Compostable in a commercial compost facility which may not exist in your community. Not suitable for backyard composting. Meets the ASTM standard D6868 for compostability by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)
Made with at least 99% plant-based renewable resources

P66W   Size 6"x6"x3"  200pcs/case     
P96W   Size 9"x6"x3"  150pcs/case               
P88W   Size 8"x8"x3"  150pcs/case             
P99W   Size 9"x9"x3"  150pcs/case
PW83   Size 8"x8"x3" 3-compartment 150pcs/case            
PW93   Size 9"x9"x3" 3-compartment 150pcs/case

Deli container Combo 240/case 

Plate                                                                    RP06    Size 6"   1000pcs/case                      RP07    Size 7"    500pcs/case                        RP09    Size 9"    500pcs/case                        RP10    Size 10"  500pcs/case

Round Container + Clear Lid Combo            W7-24B    Size 24oz   150pcs/case              W9-28B    Size 48oz    150pcs/case 

Retangular Container + Clear Lid Combo CB28B    Size 28oz 150pcs/case
CB38B    Size 38oz 150pcs/case 
CB30B-2C   Size 30oz, 2 comp, 150pcs/case

Plate                                                                    YT08    Size 8oz 
YT12    Size 12oz 
YT16    Size 16oz
YT32   Size 32oz